Who is Incredible content? 

Hi! I’m Wendy Jacobson, and I have been writing business-to-business content for over 12 years, working with companies both large and small. 

I launched Incredible Content to help businesses like yours create, well, incredible content. 

For many, writing is a chore. I get it. And the truth is, if it’s a chore for you, it probably won’t get done. 

And you don’t want that. Your content is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy and it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Lucky for you, I love to write. I also love to help businesses convey what they do and why they do it via the written word. 

In all the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned a lot and know that no two clients are the same. That said, I approach all of my work with the following tenets: 

  • I value open communication with my clients. Always.
  •  Collaboration is key. 
  • If I say I will do something, I will do it. 
  • Deadlines are my friend and always met. 
  • I will always listen to you. 


“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?”

—- Seth Godin

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