content that sings

Ever have an earworm, you know, a song that just won’t leave your head?  There’s something about it that sticks, that’s memorable and it makes you want to sing. 

Your content can have the same effect on people. What you say can stay on their minds for a long time, and compel people to not only remember you, but also want to talk about you. 

And that’s good, especially when your content speaks to your credibility.

So what types of content can help you achieve that? I focus on three key areas:


Website copy 

Just like you wouldn’t invite people into your dirty, unkempt home, don’t direct people to a messy website. The content needs to be crisp and clear, delivered in bite-sized chunks so your readers can digest everything, 

That’s content written for them, in their language, with lots of white space. Content in your tone and voice so it speaks directly to your target market. Strong headlines, compelling calls to action. 

Content that says, “Welcome!”


Case Studies 

You’ve heard that benefits tell and stories sell, and you know it’s true. Now, it’s time for you to start telling some of your own stories. 

Stories are the great equalizer; they are relatable and convey a human side to almost every situation. 

Case studies are a way to tell your story in a compelling, relatable way highlighting your client or customer and you and your product or service specifically helped them.



Articles are a great tool for you to use to flex your credibility muscle. Whether they are for trade and/or consumer publications or for a blog,  articles can go a long way in helping you convey your message to a wide swath of an audience.  


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